Mrs. Mrunal Modak

Mrs. Mrunal Modak

I know Nilesh Pendharkar a for very long time. I was surprised when he said that he is going to start studying Astrology. However his determination and inquisitiveness to learn new things paid off very well. He achieved gold medal and became master in Astrology. A big congratulations to him! He always has this analytical mind which helps him to achieve greater height in the field of Astrology.

I am not a kind of person who thinks a lot or always anxious about the future. Rather I am that kind of a person who believes in hard work, always keep occupied and happy in every situation.

I never thought that I will have to use his services any time but one day I lost my patience and I approached him for the help. He first sent me a survey form, based on the data provided, he analysed correctness of his predictions (of some past events and verified with me). His predictions about my health issue was accurate.

Once you are in a condition of ‘no hopes’ and suddenly an astrologer tells you that you will be alright in three months! Not to give up! Yes, that’s when you start believing in yourself again.

Apart from medical astrology, Nilesh’s prediction about acceptance of my citizenship application was also accurate. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge, accuracy, and professionalism.