Mrs. Seema Agrawal

Mrs. Seema Agrawal

When we go to an Astrologer we take him/her as a person who can direct and guide for problems .

What if get direction and solution for all our problems related to relationships( with friends , spouse ,children, boss....), careers, finances,health and problems related to our house ...And one most important thing which we forget, our behavioral problems ( which if we modify can solve more than 50% of our problems).....We say ...लॉटरी लग गई...!!!!

I found myself solving all queries (honestly , not over praising)..Well directed and now i recognize my actual strength .

Now I know that behavior towards anyone or from anyone is due to planetary effects, so can be handled ..Only keep in mind the tips and advice given by him.
.....So many tips I have got now ..

And now I am trying hard to follow remaining 20 percent ..