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Mrs. Mrunal Modak

I know Nilesh Pendharkar a for very long time. I was surprised when he said that he is going to start studying Astrology. However his ... Read more

Ravindra Deshmukh

I have consulted Nilesh for multiple occasion for various situation in my life. Almost all the suggestions and predictions by Nilesh were accurate. I also ... Read more

Anand Mudgal

An astrologers strength lies in perfect mathematical calculations on time and graha’s.I found Nilesh ji very good in it. He is a blend of engineering ... Read more

Prashna Kundli

The Kundli or horoscope based on the day, time and place of the question asked by any native is called Prashna Kundli. It holds a ... Read more

Chakras: Enegry Wheels Stimulates Energy Leverage Health and Welness

With our growing dependency on a sedentary lifestyle, health and wellness have literally taken a backseat for many. With every passing day, more or more ... Read more

Sunil Salsankar

I have taken consultation for my carrier from Astrologer Nilesh Pendharkar. His predictions timings are accurate. He also suggests ways to counter shortcomings if any ... Read more

Mrs. Seema Agrawal

When we go to an Astrologer we take him/her as a person who can direct and guide for problems . What if get direction and solution ... Read more

Mr. Ravi Bindal

I have known Nilesh for many years now and from that I was always aware of his zeal to do different and better than most ... Read more

Mrs. P. Verma

Testimonial to be posted soon ... Read more

Horoscope Match Making

We provide horoscope matching for match making, and is the most accurate way to match Kundalis of the prospective bride and groom anytime and anywhere. ... Read more

Astrological Remedies

In the modern era, astrology is playing great importance in everyone’s life in one way or another. It is being expanded in various forms to ... Read more

Vastu Muhurat

 Vastu Shastra is an ancient  Indian science of architecture, emphasising on ground preparation, measurement, designing, layout and space managements. Muhurat helps you find auspicious date ... Read more

Muhurat Astrology

data to be posted soon ... Read more

Various Types of Astrology Branches

Natal Astrology Natal astrology is what you're probably most familiar with. It's based off of your natal chart, which shows the placements of major celestial bodies ... Read more

Various Type of Chart In Astrology & Its Impact In marriage

When you think of astrology, your mind might head directly to what the OG sun signs (Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, you know the drill) or ... Read more

Different Ways To Incorporate Vastu in Your Home

Every structure in this cosmos attracts and stores a particular type of energy and that energy has an immensely powerful effect on the people that ... Read more

Medical Astrology For Healthy Life

Medical Astrology : Discover the path to a healthy lifestyle. Medical astrology is a branch of astrology. Under which various types of diseases and their ... Read more

Vastu is a Science

Details of the vastu is a science blog will be posted soon. ... Read more

total: 26 | displaying: 1 - 20

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