Medical Astrology For Healthy Life

Medical Astrology For Healthy Life

Medical Astrology : Discover the path to a healthy lifestyle. Medical astrology is a branch of astrology. Under which various types of diseases and their causes are studied scientifically on the basis of planets. In the case of medicine, our sages have indicated which planets and diseases rule different parts of the body. However, every person must fall ill during their lifetime. Some people are suffering from a particular disease, while at the same time every year they become ill. All these facts depend on the placement, aspect and conjunction of planets in the zodiac house. There are many diseases that cause very few side effects. while there are some diseases that cause great harm to a particular person.

Why need Medical Astrology
In ancient times, only Ayurveda was treated. However, everyone knows, the disease is treated in Ayurveda by using tree roots, leaves, etc. You should also know that all medicinal plants belong to a particular constellation. The constellation is related to the planet and due to the influence of the planet, the life journey of the person goes on, so astrology is very useful for everything.

There is no doubt that Ayurveda had special importance in ancient times due to non-availability of allopathy treatment. There has always been a deep connection between Ayurveda and astrology. The sages also said that by doing Ayurvedic medicine in the auspicious time, patients get well soon.

The astrologer can tell through the horoscope when you will get sick and what will be the disease? Knowing this, a person takes measures to protect against all possible diseases.

However, sometimes a situation arises that even the doctor does not know which disease the person is suffering from. But through the horoscope, you can know from which disease people are suffering. In this article, I will try to explain how astrology is related to any disease.